Welcome to Fishback Family Farms! I'm Rachel Fishback, a farm wife and mother of four by day...Capturing the art and chaos to our everyday farming life! We live in Southeast Iowa where we raise corn and soybeans.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happy National Ag Day from the Fishbacks!

Playing with the piggies!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Even if it was in our dressier clothes :) New baby pigs came to the farm last week, and while I was snapping pictures of the kids helping chore,  I thought to myself, "Oh, I should so do the kids pictures with the pigs this weekend for our 2013 Christmas card." Well, I help Jamie photograph wedding pictures on the weekend, and made my '911' favor call to snap some photos so I could also be apart of the pics! And she did AMAZING!

Can you see me frantically pulling every navy and teal shirt my family owns and throwing them over the staircase railing????!!!! Well, I was....at 9:30 PM on a Friday night (such a party girl, be jealous :) !)

My kids LOOOVEEE the pigs. All sizes, they try to help their dad as much as they can.

Our kids thought it was so funny and 'cool' that they were able to play with the pigs in their 'fancy' clothes. And before you all*gasp* in horror....there's this AMAZING modern object that I hate using-my washer and dryer (well, I don't hate using them....I just can't stand the pile of unfolded laundry I have to conquer. Ughhhhhh....thanks, TIDE:)

Here's my 'PHOTOG' speech..... TAKE PICTURES! And make sure YOU'RE in them!!!!!! No matter what.....forgot to go to the gym this year, can't find matchy clothes, toooooo bussssssyyyyyy.....time never turns back! Now....go make your family portrait....or couple portrait....or business head shot.....NOW! :)