Welcome to Fishback Family Farms! I'm Rachel Fishback, a farm wife and mother of four by day...Capturing the art and chaos to our everyday farming life! We live in Southeast Iowa where we raise corn and soybeans.

Testing Corn

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We were out testing corn to see the progress on the proper moisture level. When we go to sell our product, corn needs to be 15%-16% before we get docked from our pay. Our corn was testing anywhere from 28%-30%...which is good since we're planning on starting in a week or two. They say on a warm, windy day, corn can dry a percent or two. If the corn isn't the disired percent when we go to harvest the crop, we'll store it in grain bins and dry it until its ready. Here we are taking our samples.
The kids helping Nathan shell the kernals of corn off the ear.
Madison working pretty hard
Nathan testing the samples

Clay thinking he's eating sweet corn:)

Madison's 1st day of Kindergarten...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Today is Madison's 1st day of Kindergarten. She was all excited to ride the school bus until I told her this morning it came at 6:35 am. YUCK is what mom thought. So I opted to give her a ride to her first day. Here's Madison across the street from her school in front of my best friends mom's house. I LOVE Judy's house, so it made a great backdrop. When we walked to the playground to see the complete caos of 5-8 year olds reaquainting with their friends, Madison didn't want to let go of my hand until we ran into Grace, Nathan's cousin's little girl. She was all dressed up looking for a friend, their were so many kids it was hard to see anyone in particular. So I couldn't resist these two cuties together. Its hard to imagine that at our wedding, Craig and Kelly had just had Grace...she's going into 1st grade. I just hope Madison finds the right bus to go home on tonight! First day jitters for evryone!

The semi ride...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Nathan's older brother, Larry Lee, bought a semi for hauling of grain on our operations. Up to this point, wagons and tractors are what we used to haul the grain from the fields to the bins. With a semi, we can haul grain at 55 mph verses 18 mph....that makes a huge difference when grain bins are 5 to 20 miles away from the field. Right now the semi sits across our driveway next to our shop, so we look at it daily. The kids LOVE the semi, especially Clay. He thinks his morning ride to the sitter needs to be in this thing. Here's Nathan giving RyLee and Clay their first ride in the big MACK truck...that's its nick-name. All buckled in and ready to enjoy the short ride around our bins. Honk...HONK!
Hi Mom!

RyLee is busy being RyLee!

IFBYFAC Ag Challenge

Nathan and I are currently finishing a 3 year term on the Iowa Farm Bureau Young Farmer Advisory Committee. What a title, huh? Every August the Iowa Farm Bureau sponsors "Farm Bureau Day" at the one and only Iowa State Fair. Our committee hosts a Young Farmer Ag Challenge where we, the committee, work the hot Iowa day away in an air conditioned building serving as timers, readers, score keepers, you name it. We rise and shine to be at the fair grounds by 7:00 am to start setting up. Here's some pictures of our friends and fellow committee members getting ready for the big event...
This is two of our staff personel, Janelle and Melissa, working out the kinks with technology...

Krista Jochum, Justin Dammann, and Nathan tackling the table skirting.

Doug and Kim Adams in the far back, Melissa, Justin Dammann doing what he does best, talking :), and Greg Jochum soaking it all in.

Steve and Amy Swenka setting up the check in table...they are way to cheary for this am hour:)

Meet the Fishback's

Here we are! The Fishback's, of rural Washington, Iowa. Our family consists of Nathan (28), Rachel (27), Madison (middle-5), RyLee (right-4), and Clayton (2 1/2). Nathan and I both grew up on family farms our entire lives. Currently we live at Nathan's home place. Our operation consists of corn, soybeans, custom farming (harvesting, planting, soil chiseling and finishing and mowing). Currently our only livestock is our chocolate lab, Cocoa, who was our first baby seven years ago! I hope you enjoy watching the seasons, our operation and family...we're expecting baby fishback #4 January 11, 2008...change. Welcome to Fishback Family Farm's blog!

Opening of our family operation blog...

Monday, August 13, 2007

I welcome you to the Fishback Family Farm blog! It is our goal to share our families experiences of our farming life in southeast Iowa. We hope you enjoy peeking in every couple of days to see whats happening with our operation, along with milestones in our personal lives. So read our happenings and feel free to conact us anytime via email....
We are a young farming couple with three children, expecting number four in January. We both are active with our operation. Nathan manages all daily activity, from selling commodities to repairing equipment and field work. Rachel assists in field work and paperwork. Don't be surprised to see her driving down the road in a Case IH product.... Please check out our favorite websites, too! Welcome to Iowa, I hope you'll see why we call it our home