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Madison's 1st day of Kindergarten...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Today is Madison's 1st day of Kindergarten. She was all excited to ride the school bus until I told her this morning it came at 6:35 am. YUCK is what mom thought. So I opted to give her a ride to her first day. Here's Madison across the street from her school in front of my best friends mom's house. I LOVE Judy's house, so it made a great backdrop. When we walked to the playground to see the complete caos of 5-8 year olds reaquainting with their friends, Madison didn't want to let go of my hand until we ran into Grace, Nathan's cousin's little girl. She was all dressed up looking for a friend, their were so many kids it was hard to see anyone in particular. So I couldn't resist these two cuties together. Its hard to imagine that at our wedding, Craig and Kelly had just had Grace...she's going into 1st grade. I just hope Madison finds the right bus to go home on tonight! First day jitters for evryone!

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