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The semi ride...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Nathan's older brother, Larry Lee, bought a semi for hauling of grain on our operations. Up to this point, wagons and tractors are what we used to haul the grain from the fields to the bins. With a semi, we can haul grain at 55 mph verses 18 mph....that makes a huge difference when grain bins are 5 to 20 miles away from the field. Right now the semi sits across our driveway next to our shop, so we look at it daily. The kids LOVE the semi, especially Clay. He thinks his morning ride to the sitter needs to be in this thing. Here's Nathan giving RyLee and Clay their first ride in the big MACK truck...that's its nick-name. All buckled in and ready to enjoy the short ride around our bins. Honk...HONK!
Hi Mom!

RyLee is busy being RyLee!

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