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Friday, September 7, 2007

This year Nathan felt he needed to add storage, so we're opting for a different route. You won't see a massive silver bin rise anytime soon. Instead, our kids will have a WONDERFUL mountian to sled on once our temperary crop ring goes up and is filled with our 15% gold (aka field corn:) The crop ring is 90 feet with a 4' wall, and will be filled with 80,000 bushels of corn, covered in a huge tarp. We'll see how the first year fairs out. Hopefully, it will be a successful adventure with very little "under our breath grumbles." Currently we use grain bins or sell directly from the field. Last week we had Jim Waterhouse come out and bulldoze behind our shop, to terrance an area to allow any water drainage to drain around our ring. He did a beautiful job! You can check out some befores and afters. It was also a great time for Nathan to aggressivly take scrap metal to the junk yard, so our back area looks level and MUCH less clutered!

Before, behind our shop

After, behind our shop. The girls are standing next to the post, the center of the crop ring.

I couldn't yell or get mad. They were having so much fun throwing dirt balls, and NOT at each other, so I let them:) I really considered doing dirt angels, but they remember those things at the most horrible times...I could just see next spring in our easter outfits catching eye on a mud puddle, and remembering what "Mom" said was okay way back then.....
So nope. No dirt angels. Mom's such a party pooper.

Nathan unloading pallets containing the crop ring. You'll have to check back to see the final constructed beauty. Hopefully the instructions aren't in Chinease or somthing unreadble to me.

Oh, yes. This big awesome machine was left sitting in our lot over night and seemed so cool to my kids. It took alot of talking to keep them off. So we just posed nicely in front of it. For those of you wondering, RyLee just came home from gymnastics, so she's still in her dance gear:)

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