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How could I forget?!?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ahhh, yes. Harvest officially began at the Fishback Farm on Tuesday september 4, 2007. The EARLIEST and HOTTEST we have ever been out. What does that mean? Rachel is now reigning as "Farmer's Widow 2007." What a title. Nathan is working hard around the clock and we do miss him and hope to see him in the mornings before he heads out, but that's not always the case. I can't belive I didn't blog that VERY important day on our operation...sorry. SO...
BE SURE TO WATCH FOR SLOW MOVING VEHICALS!!!! Nice photo, huh? I especially appreciate the beautiful Iowa bug spots on my windshield. Madison did a good job at snapping this one....I really like auto focus!
This was while we were waiting for Nathan to get the combine to the first field. This is to show you we weren't picking green corn...its definatly brown for Sept 4th!

Nathan, RyLee and Clay after their first round of picking corn for 2007.

Nathan checking the grain dryer

Nathan busy working to finish a field
Here's hoping all farmers find a safe bountiful harvest!

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