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Where's October?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

October was here...and now its gone!!! Its obviously been a long time since adding to our family blog. Nathan's still in the fields and I'm growing, two months left until Baby Fishback arrives! RyLee did break her collar bone on Monday. She fell off the slide at the babysitters. She's doing great. Here's some more pictures. I'll be adding more this week, a little behind schedule.
Nathan did get the crop ring up. Here I am! My sister, Megan, went along with me at my last two weddings to help out. I had her snap a picture of the "photographer" to show all of our family and friends how much I've grown. I did have a funny, but embarrassing moment last week...I couldn't fit into the booth at a Mexican restaurant in town. I was dying laughing while my friend Julie was asking for a new table. Thank God for friends:)

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