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One last cup of coffee....

Friday, February 8, 2008

On Thursday morning I had my last cup of coffee in a lovely place with two wonderful women, Lexi and her mom Judi. Lexi and I have been friends for a LONG time, like 18 years....aaaahhhh that makes me feel old! And her mom, Judi, lived in my dream house, a large victorian home here in Washington. A house I remember having halloween costume parties in the garage, slumber parties in since junior high, making fetticini and chicken with Lexi in high school, and having coffee with Lex when she'd make it back to Washington from college. My how life has changed! I just want to cry typing this!
Well, to my sadness, and since my husband is a farmer and I won't be moving to town anytime soon, Milt and Judi sold their big, beautiful, memory filled home to a great young family. And when I saw the sold sign, the emotional strings tugged.....and I'm not even their daughter! I called Lexi and told her I had to have ONE MORE CUP OF COFFEE with them, even if I had to sit on the floor or a box, just to see the view from their AMAZING kitchen over looking their snow covered victorian gardens. And visit. It was wierd to walk thru the empty rooms, but funny to see the perfectly packed and labeled boxes and seran wrapped furniture. I told Judy she should have a a moving/organizing show on HGTV.
Tessa joined us, and Milt stopped in too. And we enjoyed one last cup of coffee....

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  1. Oh goodness how precious....you made me cry too! So many memories and the great thing is they are all good ones! I can't believe they sold that house...grrrrr