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Thursday, March 13, 2008

In Detriot, Michigan! So Little Miss Tessa has been in 4 states PLUS Washington DC in four days....we hope to make it home on Friday. I'll be adding more pics from the trip when I get back to my luggage:)

This was my first trip to DC and I wish it were longer. The buildings are beautiful. Marble from top to bottom. I was amazed at their columns, details and size. Pictures do NOT do them justice. Oh, we were not apart of the people escorted out of the national capitol on Wednesday. We were in the Senate House and Representatives, on both sides of the capitol when that happened.

Day 2 in DC

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Here's some pictures from our second day. They'll appear backwards, so you might want to start from the bottom:)
Here we are with President Roosevelt

Nathan touching his uncle's name, Craig Rich, on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

Here we are in front of President Abe

Since there are so many buildings and busy streets, kids have to play in playgrounds on roof tops!

Nathan next to an astronuant

Lincolns Memorial in the background, and the memorials for our soldiers in the center. Can you find the airplane and helicopter?

The beautiful capital

We were on our way to the monuments and a black car,police and secret service stopped traffic and went zooming by....so fast I snapped a picture after they went past us.

Here we are in front of Washington's monument

We had the honor of listening to the US Secretary of AG

Nathan with Farm Bureau individuals talking about issues

A special HELLO to Madison and Mrs. Donkersloot's Kindergarten class. I'll post more pictures of our tour!

Greetings from DC

Monday, March 10, 2008

Thats right! We have safely made it to Washington DC! After a delayed flight due to a computer issue and waiting two hours for our luggage to get off of the wrong flight-we have successfully arrived! The view was beautiful flying over the Pentagon, seeing all the monuments and White House, along with Arlington Park. We had dinner and listened to Jim Nussle, while over looking the Potomac River at a fabulous dinner. We'll have time to sight see tomorrow afternoon after breakfast and meetings all morning. On Wednesday we'll have an intense day of meetings and lobbying for agriculture. Tessa did AMAZING on both flights and lay over time...sleeping most of the time. Tessa hanging out at the Cedar Rapids Airport
Tessa with mom on her first plane ride to Minneapolis

Nathan walking with Tessa in Goergetown to our restaurant.....theres NO SNOW! A sight we haven't seen since November in Iowa....the trees were blooming with pink flowers:)

Check out the tie...definately a Kodak moment:)

Justin and Jennifer Dammann from Essex, IA. We're the two couples representing the Young Farmer Board this trip.

Young Farmer District Event

This past weekend, Nathan and I along with our friends and fellow board members "Swenky Steve" and Amy Swenka, hosted a young farmer event at the Wasserbaun Water Park & Hotel in the Amana's. We had a great turnout! Our kids came along, so I opted to have my mom and sisters come along and help out during our meetings.

Part of the group that attended the Kinze tour.

Johnson County-Steve is in the back left, Amy and the boys front left.

Our Regional Manager Jerry Anderson, Nathan and I, and Keokuk County Young Farmers Will & Melissa Luers.
Clay and Aunt Ashley busy jumpingMadison hopping around on the floating logs....
RyLee the dare-devil:)
Madison. Aunt Missy, Aunt Megan and RyLee in the pool.
Nana and Tessa hangin' out pool side
Daddy and Tessa all pooped out....

High School Reunion + Kids

Monday, March 3, 2008

Saturday night we had a "mini" class reunion. Here's myself with the girls I hung out with in grade school, middle school, junior high AND high school...and now its 10 YEARS later! Aaahhh! But there was no sleep over and this one included our "boys" AND......kids. We enjoyed a wonderful lasagna supper prepared by the excellent host and hostess...Brian and Carrie Harris...oops...Lueck:) And here's the kids........

The grown ups!

Lexi winding up Clay, "I like ribs...." While Clay laughed his head off.

Clay and Emma enjoying malted Easter Eggs.

Lexi and her boy Tayte. Okay, he passes the "I'll let you hang with my best friend observation." :)

Staci cuddling with Tessa....

And the hosting couple themselves...Carrie and Brian

And everyones beautiful offspring. Madison holding Tessa, Clay, Carter Chalupa, Emma Lueck and RyLee.

Andy and Kelly helping the girls with a game.... Little Emma and Carrie holding baby Tessa.....
We all headed home. Clay wanted to sleep with Lexi's picture-his new best friend. And Sunday morning all the kids wanted to go back to the party:)

Sunday, March 2, 2008