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High School Reunion + Kids

Monday, March 3, 2008

Saturday night we had a "mini" class reunion. Here's myself with the girls I hung out with in grade school, middle school, junior high AND high school...and now its 10 YEARS later! Aaahhh! But there was no sleep over and this one included our "boys" AND......kids. We enjoyed a wonderful lasagna supper prepared by the excellent host and hostess...Brian and Carrie Harris...oops...Lueck:) And here's the kids........

The grown ups!

Lexi winding up Clay, "I like ribs...." While Clay laughed his head off.

Clay and Emma enjoying malted Easter Eggs.

Lexi and her boy Tayte. Okay, he passes the "I'll let you hang with my best friend observation." :)

Staci cuddling with Tessa....

And the hosting couple themselves...Carrie and Brian

And everyones beautiful offspring. Madison holding Tessa, Clay, Carter Chalupa, Emma Lueck and RyLee.

Andy and Kelly helping the girls with a game.... Little Emma and Carrie holding baby Tessa.....
We all headed home. Clay wanted to sleep with Lexi's picture-his new best friend. And Sunday morning all the kids wanted to go back to the party:)


  1. This was way to much fun! It was great to see everyone together again! Best Wishes to all! Hope to maybe see us all at the 10 year in September. ;)