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Bobcat Sighting

Sunday, May 25, 2008

We went out early this evening checking fields and we came upon this...a BOBCAT! Lucky for me, I had my camera and zoom lens along. It just hung out and looked at us for a couple of minutes. It was about the length of our dog, but with shorter legs. It was really beautiful, I've never been that close to something like this. The bobcat was probably thinking, "What are you wierd people looking at?" We were northeast of Brighton when I captured the photos.
Madison's question was, "Mom, do bobcats eat people?"
"No, Madison, I don't think so."
"Well I hope not because we were mushroom hunting over here the other day with daddy. Do you remember that? And if bobcats can eat us, we can't go mushroom hunting anymore." I'm glad to see she's at least thinking about safety:)

And then there's Clay sitting on my lap, sticking his arm out saying, "Come here, come here."

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