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Sea of Sleeping Bags!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

This weekend Madison hoste her first slumber party! It was actually a make-up birthday party from her iced out origionally planned one for December...and mom's just NOW getting around to it:) We had a great time going to Build-A-Bear Workshop ( I HIGHLY recomment them!)

The girls warming up their cheeks...
To yell out the doorway that we were having a party at Build A Bear...a few people turned their heads!
Now, we're off shopping...everyone had to put up their arms and say "La-Di-Da....La-Di-Da...." around the store.

Madison stuffing her blue bear.....

The girls stuffing their bears.....

The girls coloring their bear homes.....

Everyone with their new bears.....

Madison ringing the birthday bell. The entire store sang and clapped for Madison's big day!
Back at the Fishback House for pizza, cake and ice cream. Plus pop and snacks:) Whats a sleepover without munchies????

Madison and her birthday cup cake

And the "Sea of Sleeping Bags." Nathan had the joy of coming home from the fields at 2:30 this morning to step his way over this crowd to the bathroom. Everyone was asleep by midnight. I was laying in bed with Tessa this morning to hear girls coming up to our bedroom. Three little heads poked in, "We just wanted to let you know we're awake and ready for breakfast!" I thought that was pretty funny. We all survived:)

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