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End of a GREAT Journey.....

Monday, July 14, 2008

This past weekend, Nathan and I fulfilled our three year term on the Iowa Farm Bureau's Young Farmer Advisory Committee. We had the oppertunity to meet amazing young farmers from throughout the state and United States while serving. When were put on the board, we came on with two other disticts, Randy Kreager of District 5, he's from Adel, IA and Justin and Jennifer Damman, District 9, from Essex, IA. Six other couples also serve, but these were the people we traveled with when we went to Washington D.C.(2008), Salt Lake City, UT(2007) and hosted the National Young Farmer Conference with in Des Moines, IA in 2006. Here's the entire committee this weekend...three of the couples are replacing the three outgoing members(us).......

Boys and their toys....Nathan was busy drowling over this one. We had the oppertunity to go to Justin and Jennifer's farm, where Justin starting up his mistress.....you can see the smoke pouring out the exhaust pipes when he reved up the engine.....
The ongoing joke among committee members is...there's always someone pregnant. And last July out of 9 committee couples FOUR of the couples were pregnant and we all had beautiful baby girls! This little guy Elijah, was not in the pool at the time, but he made the fifth family to have a baby from July 2007 to our July 2008 meeting and here's the little cutie! Only three weeks old! I think that year set the record for babies!!!!!

And you always forget how little they are....here's Mark holding Elijah and his hands in perspective of the little guy!

Nathan and I had a great time and will miss all of our wonderful friends and staff. We had a GREAT JOURNEY!

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