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Sea of Red, White and Blue...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

So this is what I've been helping with this summer...painting barn quilts! I'm on the Washington County Barn Quilts Committee (link is along the side) and we're busy working on our second loop...the Liberty Loop. We replicate quilt blocks, paint them on plywood, and hang them on area barns. All of our BQ's for 2008 will have a liberty theme and painted in red, white and blue, with the exception of a few that also have gold.

Its gotten to be addictive this year. All I think is "If I just run out for and hour or two, then tomorrow I can paint the next layer..." Each color need two coats, so it can take a while.

The girls have gone with me a couple of times. They have quite an imagination! The first time they were so occupied with collecting rocks from the driveway. RyLee even found some absolutely beautiful ones (asphalt shingles in REALLY small pieces...I didn't have the heart to set them straight). They've also been playing restuarant/grocery store with the bottled water in the fridge. So, anyway. Its fun for me to do, and the next time some of you are in Washington County, you'll have to watch for them! Here's a sample of a finished one...

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