Welcome to Fishback Family Farms! I'm Rachel Fishback, a farm wife and mother of four by day...Capturing the art and chaos to our everyday farming life! We live in Southeast Iowa where we raise corn and soybeans.

Big Upcoming Weekend:)....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This weekend is a BIG one for me...I've been invited by Iowa Farm Bureau to speak with another Young Farmer couple, Mike and Sarah Ver Steeg, at Iowa Farm Bureau's Young Farmer Conference. We'll be doing three break out sessions, "Networking to Telling Your Story." Websites, Blogs, to Facebook and UTube will be talked about. Helping other farming businesses get their word out in a positive professional manner.

So wish me luck....I'm much better talking one on one with someone instead of a group of 50 people:) Hopefully I don't
A) Get sick.....:)
B) Pass Out....:0
C) Puke in front of an audience:)lol...that ones for my sisters:) I DON'T have nerves of steal......

As my mom would say..."Aww, Rach, just imagine them in their underware." Don't think I could hack hat one, either.

New Website!:)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

For Nathan's birthday LAST April, I bought Nathan a website for our farming business....and 10 months later I finally made my work live! You can check it out.


A BELATED Merry Christmas:)

Friday, January 16, 2009

So...alot has gone on in over a month and I'm SLACKING!!!! First off....Happy Holidays! I hope family and friends shared in your Christmas Season. Here is how ours panned out....

Santa snapped a picture with mom's camera before shooting up the chimney.




Ha....Ha.....The whole group:)