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Fun Ice Skating

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Iowa winters take a toll on your "what are we going to do today" and so we're always trying to come up with something to do with the kids to get out of the house. We decided to take everyone to the mall one Sunday afternoon and saw there was open skating at the CoralRidge Ice Arena....and took a stab at it. I went first with the kids. When it took Clay and I LITERALLY 10-15 minutes to make one lap.....Mr. Cordinated Nathan said "I went and talked with the lady, she said we could just switch with out paying extra, so take your skates off and sit with Tessa." It drove him NUTS, I'm sure, watching that view. And, of course, despite NEVER ice skating in his life, Nathan was a natural! They always say kids catch on fast, and I was surprised with ours. So here's some shots from my cameras phone (DISCLAIMER......As a photographer, I NEVER suggest using a camera phone, and I CRINGED when I did, BUT it was our first family ice skating experience:) ) Nathan and Clay
Clay skating...he kept skating forward, then backwards, ON ACCIDENT that is. I couldn't figure out his way of doing it, but it was funny being he's 4.:)

RyLee, she did awesome!

Madison did great, too! She had gone once before for a birthday party. Most of the time she was in her "own little world"....she imagines alot and this day was no different!

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