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Fair Time Again!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The fabulous 2009 Washington County Fair is here! Today Madison took her projects in to be judged. Since she's in Clover Kids, its just a chance for the members to get use to talking with judges about what they've done. So everyone gets the same purple ribbon for their hard work! Its great "practice rounds" for everyone. Madison loved her judge, Lisa, and its actually the same one she had last year....out of luck! She talked all the way there on how she was kinda nervous, but the lady last year was really nice and she felt better after she talked with her for a while. I remember those butterflies! Then Madison said, "I wish you were my judge. THEN I wouldn't be nervous!" She thought that was funny.

Madison being judged about her pillow

Madison with the NEW Washington County Fair sign for the livestock photo backdrop. Its beautiful! Madison-2009 finished 1st grade. Can't wait for the fair food and entertainment:)!

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