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1st Day of School - 2009!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This year we sent Madison off to Second Grade and RyLee had her big "debue" of Kindergarten! I drive the kids in the morning because I will start the preschool run next week for Clay (By the way, he is one NOT SO HAPPY camper that HE does not get to go to school) We hear about it every morning on the way to dropping Madison and RyLee off. But, anyway, we were two blocks away from their school and RyLee sayd, "Mom, my tummy feels funny." I told her that she was just nervous and she'd be fine once she got to her classroom and met some of her friends. When she got off the yellow school bus that afternoon, I wish I had the camera. Her smile was SO BIG...it was adorable!

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  1. As the driver of that "big yellow bus," I can say that they're a delight to have on! Wonderful blog you have!