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Art In Agriculture

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Being apart of a farming operation, its easy to see there's TONS of work to be done. And every time you turn around....it should have been done this morning, or yesterday, or even last year. I stop and think, "It will always be there, whether now or tomorrow." Nathan thinks, "I'm going to get this done now, and won't go in to shower until it IS done." Thats probably whay Nathan is such a successful farmer and business person! But from my marketing classes in the photography world, I've realized most farmers are SO SILENT about what they do in their everyday business. I love capturing agriculture. If you haven't seen our farming website, you should check it out. So when Aaron Putze from CSIF contacted me about doing a photography shoot, I was honored! I spent three hours documenting the Wessling Farm in north central Iowa on one of our ONLY hot and sweaty summer days:) But it was worth it. I can't wait to see some of my pictures throughout CSIF's new campaign. Here's the fabulous Coalition to Support Iowa Farmers Team:
And the wonderful Wessling Family who took their whole morning and early afternoon to be everybodies models!

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