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Carving Time!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We carved our pumpkins tonight! The kids worked really hard and very well with their designs. Madison and RyLee drew, and for the most part carved their own. Clay told me how he wanted his face drawn and I helped him carve it. I did one by myself for Tessa. It was a nice evening, and then Charlie Brown's Halloween Special came on TV. It was festive!

RyLee broke out the sunglasses after Tessa was done with them. She was carving its freckles...you can see on the left where she drew them.

Madison with her 2009 Pumpkin!

Clay with his 2009 Pumpkin!

I love RyLee's shock. She cleaned out her pumpkin pretty much all by herself, but when she popped out a freckle she was quite surpised! I'm glad I caght her reaction.

See all the slimies?

RyLee and her 2009 Pumpkin! Oh, she totally wiped out on the asphalt yesterday at recess. She said she cried, but Nurse Shelly made it better. Nathan told her this morning that she needed to use her hands to stop her body, not her face. Advice was a little late, dad. :)
Happy Carving 2009!

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