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Like riding a bike:)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sorry I didn't upload my "Fishback's Food Frenzy" blog last Friday....but I had MUCH better things to do:) Like help my best friend get ready for her wedding! It was beautiful and Lexi was GORGEOUS (I knew she would be) and she found the perfic guy to complete her life, Tayte. I was honored when she asked me to photograph her wedding day-and it was almost 2 years to the DAY I had photographed my last wedding. People were asking, "So are you having fun photographing? Is it just like it was when you were photographing weddings?" Yes and YES! It was just like I had climbed on a bicycle after two years of not riding.....and I got to be with Lex ALL day long:) So here's a few to share....... And so I'll remember...it was FREEZING! We weren't even outside a whooping five minutes and went back in. Mostly because I'm a pansy to the cold and didn't wear my long undies. It SNOWED on her wedding day! My friends and I have ALL had snow on our wedding day....so I guess it was a sign of picking the perfect wedding day for the right guys for us!:OShe's SOOOOO beautiful!
Their beautiful new family....Lexi and Tayte with Tayte's little sweet heart of a daughter, Madison:)

And the FAB-U-LOUS duo......:)

And our WHS Class of '98.
Congrats Lexi and Tayte!

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