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Visitor from Brazi

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A week ago I opened my email with an amazing request from Jeff at Successful Farming. They had a group of magazine/newspaper reporters coming to Iowa, staying a night in the Iowa City area, and wanted to know if they could visit our farming operation. We were excited, and despite the weather and very little combining happening, I lined up some of the people we do business with in Washington to answer questions the group may have. They were able to ride in equipment, visit with people, see Hal's unique shop, and enjoy a "traditional" Iowa dinner at the Washington County Farm Bureau Building on behalf of Washington State Bank. A special thanks to Fred Greiner of Pioneer Seeds, Rick Fulton of Fulton Insurance, Nick from LiquiGrow, Kendall and Kevin on behalf of CAT/Lexion Combines, Jeff from Washington State Bank, Jerry at Wash Co Farm Bureau, The Owen Family and Hal for letting us bring the group to their fields and buildings and our hard working guys Matt and Mark. Nathan's dad, Larry, was also able to join us. So Thursday morning was a little hectic, but well worth it! The entire group-all of us-Photo by Washington Evening Journal*

Riding in the combine thru the field with Nathan

Liking the sprayer Nick from Liqui-Grow brought out.

Interviewing Kendall and Kevin

Interviewing Nathan

They REALLY liked Hal's shop. And with special thanks to all the decorations, Brazillians will probably think we all deck out our shops complete with a bar and full service winery:)

So I ran out of coffee at 10:30, so Hal thought he'd break out his homemade wine. They thought it was amazing. I guess it was five o'clock somewhere, right?!

We all enjoyed pork loin, cheesy potatoes green beans and a roll at lunch. This was her "cheers," but they say "Ching!"

Thanks to Jeff and Successful Farming for visiting, we were honored! And especially to the entire group for spending their morning with us!

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