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Clay's Field Trip

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On Monday I braved a field trip with 20 preschoolers....to Marr Park in Ainsworth. The kids had a full, fun morning exploring and seeing things. They built a BEAUTIFUL building about 6 years ago for visitors to stop by our rent....so swing by the next time your in Ainsworth.

Here the kids are watching the pond fish in the indoor aqarium. Mrs. Miles and Clay feeling and trying to guess what nature items were in the box....

Clay making an animal pizza...you followed the recipe cards for whatever animal you pick out....topping the pizza with its favorite foods.
Oh, and Kathy, our guide, was so sweet and broke out the snakes. I stayed AWAY!

Oh, more snakes......

Yep.....the were eager to touch it. No thanks....I STILL stayed back.

And Mrs. Miles actually got Clay to touch it! AHHHHH!

And some more of the snake....ick.

A game of mosquito tag...the kids were all given stickers, and the object was to get ride of your "bites" as fast as possible without getting stung. Clay was obviously loving running like crazy attacking everyone with stickers....

Off to the prarie to go searching.....

Busy catching bugs.....

Clay caught a worm! He then got to go feed it to the fish inside....

Everyone whipped out their binoculars to study the Canadian Goose on the pond. You can see the building in the background.

And, of course, SNACK TIME! Wooo Hooo!

Clay exploring the water before we left.
It was a fun morning....wish you could have joined us:)

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