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Field Time: Spring 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So, of course, its planting season at the Fishback Ranch here in Iowa. Progress has been AMAZING in the Washington County area! Corn is in and its not May:) Our shop WAS full of pallets filled with bags of corn seed. Here's Tessa and Cocoa checking out the shop. Cocoa was *hoping* Tessa would share her peanut butter cup. Empty bags that needed to be burnt......
Full bags waiting "Oh So Patiently" to be dumped.....
This is what some of our evenings look like...we try to go see dad as much as time allows and exploring is something our kids love to do!
And this has been my view sometimes.......the dust kinda puts a damper on having my window down.
Happy planting, everyone!

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  1. Happy Planting to you guys too! :) Enjoyed your photos!