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Its that time of year again!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I think we can officially say "Spring IS HERE!" The yard is greening up...along with the beautiful little tree buds and flowers! Same with the skies....YES, the skies. I'm so excited to finally see CLOUDS! And, although I hate storms, I love to watch how the skies go to a deep blueish gray. Changing into unique and wierd patterns that rarely ever seen. So pay attention to the details.....they're so intrecut and refreshing. A true beauty!

And with the renewing season of spring....brings planting! My husband's busy time of year is just around the corner. Last week, Nathan had a great head start of soil finishing, spreading some manure, and finishing up on the planters to make sure they're field-ready. Clay FINALLY got to ride with Nathan one evening. I say "finally" because he knows when ANY piece of equipment has been moved...asking "Why did they move that?" "Who put it there?" "Where are they now?" "How am I suppose to go work for dad when he leaves me at home?!"

Yes, you heard it right. Apparently my son thinks he's been hired by his dad at the age of 5.

We made it to the fields after dark to pick up Clay. He had a fun afternoon/evening riding in the tractor "getting his work done." So here is the first picture of the 2010 field work season! Have a safe spring to everyone out doing work, and PLEASE be respectful of slow moving equipment when driving!

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