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Catching Up.....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sorry so slow on the blog postings. My photo laptop is down........like way down........like I miss it down. :( And my camera's being serviced. So its a double whammy! Boo Hoo. But life in the Fishback Castle HAS been hectic.

For those of you who are not friends with me on facebook, this pretty much wraps up my week last week:

"Ever have one of those days where you show up to an appointment at the wrong time, take your child to the doctor on the wrong DAY, and hope that you don't pass out infront of an audience tonight?! Pray for me:)..........."

"Playing with 20 preschoolers at Sunset.....just wax papered the slides for a more exciting ride."

And finally last but not least: "Thats fabulous....my fly was down while grocery shopping....for all of you who had a special sighting...you can pay me LATER!"

As you can tell, its not just roses and lollipops everyday for me........

So I've been busy with dance recital, field trips, making mints for my cousin's wedding, mowing and LOVING this heat a puffy clouds we've had the past couple of days! SO if your looking for me, here's my schedule.....
Mondays-coachRyLee's TBall. Tuesday's-coach Madison's softball. Wednesday Clay goes to TBall. And Thursdays the girls start gymnastics in Iowa City.
And since I LOOOOVE pictures, here's one to tiddy you over. Tessa and her babies. She kept bringing me her dolls with diapers, so I kept putting them on. Here she is with six.....:)

Hope to post soon!

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