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Happy Holidays from The Fishback's-2011

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Fishback Family! Wishing you a Blessed 2012!


Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm hoping to start doing giveaways on Fishback Family Farm's Blog! Stay Tuned......

Thursday, July 28, 2011

 Its been horribly humid and hot, hot, HOT around here the past two weeks. My internet hasn’t been working, either. Blackberries are all fun and cnvenient until you have to try and check all web based information on them So besides a fun-filled week at the fair, we’ve been enjoying the AC!

The other day Tessa’s eye started to swell….not for sure if it was a scratch or a bug bite. We ended up going to the hospital for medicine. Ufortunately, Tessa had the dose at 7 PM…..at midnight we were cutting paper like crazy, dancing, singing……but she finally crashed! Literally. “Mom, its time for a nap. Come with me.” And within minutes she was OUT! Here we are waiting, oh so patiently, for the doctore to scheck her out.

From the Iowa Rainforest…..hopefuly we have no more “buggy” issues this summer!

Monday, July 4, 2011

 Here we are with our 2011 “Knee High by the Fourth of July” Family Picture.
Happy Independence Day Everyone:)

Food Frenzy: Bakin' Bacon

Friday, July 1, 2011

 Here’s one of our family’s favorite recipe’s….its easy, and DOESN’T STINK UP YOUR HOUSE! Plus, it’s a simple way to cook and ENTIRE package of bacon all at once.

Bakin’ Bacon
1 Pkg of Bacon
Brown Sugar (optional…but really yummy!)

Place Bacon strips on pan/gridle in oven. Sprinkle brown sugar on bacon. Bake at 425 degrees for 15 minutes, or whatever done-ness you enjoy.
Here’s the bacon with brown sugar right as it was going in the oven….

Add to your breakfast or make my summertime favorite…BLT’s!

Clothing, Baking, Sheep, Oh My!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fair time is around the corner…. You’ll find us at the Washington County Fair enjoying the festivities! The kids have been working on some projects for Clover Kids. Madison and RyLee are picking out favorite recipes they want to make…RyLee has a sewing project down thanks to Aunt Ashley!
Madison did the Clover Kids Fashion Revue with a Mentor. Madison picked out an outfit, modeled it, and visited with the judge about her choices. She started with her favorite vintage tee out of her closet. And we went shopping for the shorts, shoes (flip flops since one of her other pairs broke) and a headband.

Right before judging, Madison and I went to town and had a mini-photoshoot in the alleys of Washington.
 Madison with her Mentor.
 The judge showing Madison how she should “model” her outfit.  :)
Madison answering questions with the judge.

 Madison with the other Clover Kids who participated in the Clothing Revue
And Madison with her beautiful ribbon!

Tahoe Tuesday

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crop Duster

What's happening on our farm...

Monday, June 27, 2011

 Judi G wanted to know “What’s happening on your farm?”

Well, when it rains…it pours….and FLOODS. Sometimes it’s because it’s pouring, but sometimes it’s because the river just gets full! We have had a lot of rain lately, so very little spraying is getting done=weeds=not good. But north of us, they unfotunately have gotten more, so it all flows downstream. We do have some river bottom ground.

People have been asking, “Is the corn okay with the water sitting on it?” That would be a big, fat, NO.

I wish it was like a “water bank” where the plant was able to store up the water supply for dry days….but thats not how Mother Nature works. Here’s what the field was looking like when the Skunk River came out of its bank. In the past, we have taken a canoe on the water in the fields. Not one of the fun times in life, but we wanted to see how deep it was….and surpirsingly it was deeper than our oars! We didn’t do it this time. The water came up too fast, and went down in a matter of a week. You can see the damage it does do in a matter of days.

The corn goes to a nasty yellow, and then brown.

Our first option is to wait for the ground to dry out. Nathan would try to replant if the conditions allow, but we’ve gotten rain almost daily since the river came out….so we’re back to the waiting game.

So to www.farmnwife.com ….I guess its the “Waiting Game” around our farm. Waiting for sunshine and heat to do some replanting and much needed spraying!
Send sunshine vibes!

And checking things out….making sure it “works.”

Someone NEEDS to do their homework.....

Friday, May 27, 2011

 In honor of May, the farming community’s fabulous Month of BEEF…I wanted to explain to everyone what a cow was….and why they have so many “sub titles.” Along with a HUGE pet peeve. For starters, if you haven’t figured it out, I’m the mother to four perfect kids. Who LOVE to watch cartoons within their angelic play. And this cartoon caught my eye, and not in a good way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a funny show and I love it when farm animals take the spotlight, especially on Nick, but I think their writers and animators should’ve done a little homework. Just a little.

There is a difference in cattle. Nursery rhymes, farmers and the general public do call them cows. But there are some specific breakdowns. So here’s my first “Farming 101″ post for your enjoyment.

Bovine: or belonging to the Bovini (cattle), domestic cattle

Cows: the mature female of a bovine animal, who have an udder to produce milk to feed their young.

Bull: the male of a bovine animal, with sexual organs intact and capable of reproduction. They do not have udders.

Steer: a male bovine that is castrated before sexual maturity, especially one raised for beef
Heifer: a young cow over one year old that has not produced a calf
Udder: the large bag like mammary gland of cows, sheep, etc, having two or more teats
So, can you figure out where the cartoon artist for “Back at the Barnyard” went wrong with this picture? Unfortunately, you get to watch a commercial BEFORE you get to watch the ad-less cartoon

In case you missed it in my “Anatomy in short of Bovine”…. Sorry, Otis, but you should not be walking around with an UDDER! All I have to say is when both Nathan and my Mom saw that cartoon~at different times~their reaction was almost identical. “What the heck is wrong with that Bull?!” I think most men would do a double take if Papa Smurf had breasts with a deep voice. Just saying.
Go enjoy a nice juicy steak. And Please….if your a cartoon artist…..do a little homework. And if you’re in doubt, just leave a few anatomy parts off Then go enjoy a steak while making your corrections!

Check out our new home!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In Blogville that is. We're doing some changes to our blog, so to keep up with our fabulous farming operation, visit

See you there!

Outside Fun!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Warm weather is trying to set in around the Fishback Farm. Trying being the main word here. We've been battlin gcold, rainy temps this spring. Ugh. Tessa and Clay were outside playing, I was enjoying the lawn chair watching them have all the energetic fun. So, with a non-fighting time, I grabbed my camera.

Clay and Tessa...hugging. Which shows their perfect sibling love. Probably the last time I'll get such a happy little picture of the two of them acting like this:

Happy Belated Easter!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Belated Easter, my friends! We spent the weekend road-tripping with my family to Indianapolis. Over 900 miles in three days, eleven people in a fifteen passenger van crammed full of us and our belongings. It was fun! Its funny how you notice all the big white vans you pass by.....:)

We went out to see my brother, Vince, and his fiance', Jen. They're expecting a baby girl anytime....so we went to them to celebrate the holiday. We were also able to see Nathan's Aunt Jodi and Cousin Christina during our short jont to the city.

We took the kids to an Easter Egg hunt in Carmel.....they boasted they had 10,000 eggs. Unfortunately, they probably had 9,000 kids and their parents show up.....and I found out those parents love to egg hunt as much as the kids....so their were plenty of adults helping their kids pick up eggs....even for the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. At least we killed 90 minutes in preparing, to have it end in literally 90 SECONDS! I missed our local hunts....:( We also went to a shower given by Jen's parents in Carmel. It was a great evening to meet Vince and Jen's friends, co-workers and some of her family. Here's one of Brenda's beautiful flowers....

And what did our kids look forward to the most? Well, besides Uncle Vinny....the POOL! And HOT TUB! We spent a few hours here. It helped run off some serious steam.

We had a safe trip, and since Iowa has been stuck in a yucky, rainy, 40 degree weather belt for the past 2 weeks....Nathan came with!

Hopefully you were able to enjoy the beautiful holiday, and celebrate in the Rising of Jesus!

Clover Kids Graduate!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yesterday marked the last day of our 2010-2011 Clover Kids year. It went by so fast! We had a special treat.....learning about ice cream shops! In case you were wondering....ice cream comes from cows. Google it if your in disbelief. Thanks to Richard and his wife from Korner Kremery for taking the time out of your day so we can learn about the sweet wonders of ICE CREAM!

Here's Clay listening to how soft serve ice cream is made....

Ahhhhhh......the wonders of the chocolate dipped cone......
My favs......WAFFLE CONES!

Oh, the choices!

The biggest decision of the day-picking out the best ice cream to enjoy!

Yummy! Superman, Bubblegum, Strawberry, Mint Chip, Praline Pecan......

RyLee checking out the big freezer full of ice cream.

Madison and her friend, Sophie messing around:)

And it was also the last day for these girls in Clover Kids. I can't believe Madison will be moving onto regular 4-H. She said she's excited, but nervous to move onto another club. Its been a fun first four years, girls! I'm pretty sure I have atleast another six before my Clover Kids fun is over:)

Here's our "Graduates" with their certificates and a picture of them from the year.

Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Well, for starters.....lets just hope it grows.

Last year I found this company who produces Heirloom Seeds. They are out of Mansfield, Missouri- Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. They are NOT organic, but old fashioned plants that grew way back when.

Now, I will say, I have a love-hate relationship for my choice of purchase....I thought it was so cool to try and make my kids eat PURPLE carrots, or pink tomatos....BUT their main fight seems to be trying to stop the use of products my husband and I use everyday. So, standing on my soapbox, here I go.

Woud you like to use the same technology that was in store 60 years ago? No cell phones, computers, can you imagine a doctors visit or diagnoses? I, personally, do NOT want to back to the 50's, or horse and buggies for that matter. Doing laundry for a family of six with my beautiful, front loading red washer and dryer is quite a chore as it is!

As a farmer, I KNOW Nathan and I are not dumping chemicals on our crops to make a buck. I know my neighbors are not plugging their livestock full of hormones OR drugs, either. We use animal manure to add nutrients to the soil. Believe it or not, we're professionals...and I don't walk around barefoot or decked out in plaid and overalls....computers run most of our equipment, from carefully placing the seed in the ground to properly spraying nutrients on our corn and soybeans. TONS of research has been put into the seeds we're planting, nutirents we're placing on our sacred soils, and into the technology running our equipment. Its no different than the intelligence behind the strides made into the medical field, or gizmos we all get the luxery of using today. So, if you want to tell people HOW they should eat....check out this awesome site: Choose2Choose

There's a reason why our goverment doesn't make us all buy Louis Vuitton shoes. Its not that Targets are disease machines on our toes, but because they're more reasonable for the general public. Just because one product is more $$$ than the other, doesn't autimatically make it better. I think our food choices should be the same exact way.

I LOVE to eat our soybeans out of the field. I wouldn't do it if I had a concern, trust me. I eat the corn when I'm doing moisture checks...maybe more on that scientific farm girl this fall.

Okay...now I'm onto my newest venture. My garden. Here's my model with some of the packets....see....PURPLE CARROTS!

And this variety, it didn't matter what the color or vegetable....its Atkinson Tomatos! I'm hoping its my good luck charm from my late Grandpa Donald Lewis Atkinson:) Tessa, "Mommy, take my pictures with the flowers." So I did. The dirt in the flats with my high-tech variety labels.....get ready for it....paper laminated with my packaging tape. So as in Nathan's infamous comment Sunday, "You know you have to weed it, right?" Ugh.

Please remember to thank a farmer. Please remember we ALL deserve the Right to Choose.... Choose2Choose what we put in our mouth.

Sweet Corn Time!

Monday, April 11, 2011

We planted our sweet corn crop on Sunday, April 10th. It was a HOT 86 degrees....and now another crazy cool down. Nathan always plants to sweet corn first, just to make sure we don't mix in field corn seed. The planter sunbathing.....
In 85 days our sweet corn will be ready to eat!
Nathan and Clay starting off....we ended up planting 36 rows.
Here Nathan and Clay are checking the population.
Checking the spacing and depth of the seeds....
Everyone digging in the dirt.
Clay found his seed....
Yummy, yummy! Can't wait for July to roll around:)