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Careers on Wheels...Thank You's...

Friday, April 8, 2011

So in the

way our world is turning.....email, facebook, texting, on and on and on....you do forget how a handwritten card makes you feel. Especially the hand made ones.:) This week Madison and RyLee brought home tons, and TONS of thank you cards from the Stewart Elementary Kindergarten thru Third Graders. And they were VERY sweet. But I MUST share my fav.....this kid gets 5-stars for making me laugh.

Thank You Fishback's for teaching us about tractors. I didn't know there are computers in tractors. When I was little I thought farmers didn't have electricity at all.

Love, K

....a First Grader.

Its always nice to educate! You may help clear even the most basic questions on how you live. Ha!

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