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Demon Dash...tastic - 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Demon Dash was held today! I'm proud to say I crossed the finish line with Madison and RyLee for the 1 mile leg at 10 minutes, 10 seconds. And we had a cheering crowd....Nathan, Clay and Tessa watched and clapped us thru the finish line. Tessa getting into her stroller....stylin'. Nathan was on Clay and Tessa duty, since Clay opted out of running the race. The Fishback Cousin's. Or atleast the ones still in WCSD...we missed Caitlin :( But she's off to college, so its all good! Left to Right...RyLee, Steph, Kyle, Clay and Madison.
Ahhhhh....and the big trio of 50's hotness. Our homemade outfits that took first in the family costume contest! Complete with cat eyes and our initials on our skirts. Our 2011 Theme...Rockin' Washington.
We had a great time, and at lunch both Madison and RyLee said they couldn't wait to do it again next year!

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