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Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Well, for starters.....lets just hope it grows.

Last year I found this company who produces Heirloom Seeds. They are out of Mansfield, Missouri- Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. They are NOT organic, but old fashioned plants that grew way back when.

Now, I will say, I have a love-hate relationship for my choice of purchase....I thought it was so cool to try and make my kids eat PURPLE carrots, or pink tomatos....BUT their main fight seems to be trying to stop the use of products my husband and I use everyday. So, standing on my soapbox, here I go.

Woud you like to use the same technology that was in store 60 years ago? No cell phones, computers, can you imagine a doctors visit or diagnoses? I, personally, do NOT want to back to the 50's, or horse and buggies for that matter. Doing laundry for a family of six with my beautiful, front loading red washer and dryer is quite a chore as it is!

As a farmer, I KNOW Nathan and I are not dumping chemicals on our crops to make a buck. I know my neighbors are not plugging their livestock full of hormones OR drugs, either. We use animal manure to add nutrients to the soil. Believe it or not, we're professionals...and I don't walk around barefoot or decked out in plaid and overalls....computers run most of our equipment, from carefully placing the seed in the ground to properly spraying nutrients on our corn and soybeans. TONS of research has been put into the seeds we're planting, nutirents we're placing on our sacred soils, and into the technology running our equipment. Its no different than the intelligence behind the strides made into the medical field, or gizmos we all get the luxery of using today. So, if you want to tell people HOW they should eat....check out this awesome site: Choose2Choose

There's a reason why our goverment doesn't make us all buy Louis Vuitton shoes. Its not that Targets are disease machines on our toes, but because they're more reasonable for the general public. Just because one product is more $$$ than the other, doesn't autimatically make it better. I think our food choices should be the same exact way.

I LOVE to eat our soybeans out of the field. I wouldn't do it if I had a concern, trust me. I eat the corn when I'm doing moisture checks...maybe more on that scientific farm girl this fall.

Okay...now I'm onto my newest venture. My garden. Here's my model with some of the packets....see....PURPLE CARROTS!

And this variety, it didn't matter what the color or vegetable....its Atkinson Tomatos! I'm hoping its my good luck charm from my late Grandpa Donald Lewis Atkinson:) Tessa, "Mommy, take my pictures with the flowers." So I did. The dirt in the flats with my high-tech variety labels.....get ready for it....paper laminated with my packaging tape. So as in Nathan's infamous comment Sunday, "You know you have to weed it, right?" Ugh.

Please remember to thank a farmer. Please remember we ALL deserve the Right to Choose.... Choose2Choose what we put in our mouth.


  1. Love it Rach. The kids and I were just talking about our garden and how all 4 of us was going to go weed it at least once if not twice a week together. Good way to break them in.

  2. This quarter I am taking a sustainable agriculture class and the main focus is soil and treatments concerning plants. Just wanna say THANK YOU for being a farmer and that I never realized how much work went into keeping the soil rich and our plants safe. Give all the kiddos a hug for me. I enjoy your blog so much and your pictures! =) Love you guys!