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Sweet Corn Time!

Monday, April 11, 2011

We planted our sweet corn crop on Sunday, April 10th. It was a HOT 86 degrees....and now another crazy cool down. Nathan always plants to sweet corn first, just to make sure we don't mix in field corn seed. The planter sunbathing.....
In 85 days our sweet corn will be ready to eat!
Nathan and Clay starting off....we ended up planting 36 rows.
Here Nathan and Clay are checking the population.
Checking the spacing and depth of the seeds....
Everyone digging in the dirt.
Clay found his seed....
Yummy, yummy! Can't wait for July to roll around:)


  1. This sequence is fun and unique!!

  2. What great photos! And how neat that the whole family is involved in learning the process. I would have loved this as a kid. :-)