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Someone NEEDS to do their homework.....

Friday, May 27, 2011

 In honor of May, the farming community’s fabulous Month of BEEF…I wanted to explain to everyone what a cow was….and why they have so many “sub titles.” Along with a HUGE pet peeve. For starters, if you haven’t figured it out, I’m the mother to four perfect kids. Who LOVE to watch cartoons within their angelic play. And this cartoon caught my eye, and not in a good way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a funny show and I love it when farm animals take the spotlight, especially on Nick, but I think their writers and animators should’ve done a little homework. Just a little.

There is a difference in cattle. Nursery rhymes, farmers and the general public do call them cows. But there are some specific breakdowns. So here’s my first “Farming 101″ post for your enjoyment.

Bovine: or belonging to the Bovini (cattle), domestic cattle

Cows: the mature female of a bovine animal, who have an udder to produce milk to feed their young.

Bull: the male of a bovine animal, with sexual organs intact and capable of reproduction. They do not have udders.

Steer: a male bovine that is castrated before sexual maturity, especially one raised for beef
Heifer: a young cow over one year old that has not produced a calf
Udder: the large bag like mammary gland of cows, sheep, etc, having two or more teats
So, can you figure out where the cartoon artist for “Back at the Barnyard” went wrong with this picture? Unfortunately, you get to watch a commercial BEFORE you get to watch the ad-less cartoon

In case you missed it in my “Anatomy in short of Bovine”…. Sorry, Otis, but you should not be walking around with an UDDER! All I have to say is when both Nathan and my Mom saw that cartoon~at different times~their reaction was almost identical. “What the heck is wrong with that Bull?!” I think most men would do a double take if Papa Smurf had breasts with a deep voice. Just saying.
Go enjoy a nice juicy steak. And Please….if your a cartoon artist…..do a little homework. And if you’re in doubt, just leave a few anatomy parts off Then go enjoy a steak while making your corrections!

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