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Clothing, Baking, Sheep, Oh My!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fair time is around the corner…. You’ll find us at the Washington County Fair enjoying the festivities! The kids have been working on some projects for Clover Kids. Madison and RyLee are picking out favorite recipes they want to make…RyLee has a sewing project down thanks to Aunt Ashley!
Madison did the Clover Kids Fashion Revue with a Mentor. Madison picked out an outfit, modeled it, and visited with the judge about her choices. She started with her favorite vintage tee out of her closet. And we went shopping for the shorts, shoes (flip flops since one of her other pairs broke) and a headband.

Right before judging, Madison and I went to town and had a mini-photoshoot in the alleys of Washington.
 Madison with her Mentor.
 The judge showing Madison how she should “model” her outfit.  :)
Madison answering questions with the judge.

 Madison with the other Clover Kids who participated in the Clothing Revue
And Madison with her beautiful ribbon!

Tahoe Tuesday

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crop Duster

What's happening on our farm...

Monday, June 27, 2011

 Judi G wanted to know “What’s happening on your farm?”

Well, when it rains…it pours….and FLOODS. Sometimes it’s because it’s pouring, but sometimes it’s because the river just gets full! We have had a lot of rain lately, so very little spraying is getting done=weeds=not good. But north of us, they unfotunately have gotten more, so it all flows downstream. We do have some river bottom ground.

People have been asking, “Is the corn okay with the water sitting on it?” That would be a big, fat, NO.

I wish it was like a “water bank” where the plant was able to store up the water supply for dry days….but thats not how Mother Nature works. Here’s what the field was looking like when the Skunk River came out of its bank. In the past, we have taken a canoe on the water in the fields. Not one of the fun times in life, but we wanted to see how deep it was….and surpirsingly it was deeper than our oars! We didn’t do it this time. The water came up too fast, and went down in a matter of a week. You can see the damage it does do in a matter of days.

The corn goes to a nasty yellow, and then brown.

Our first option is to wait for the ground to dry out. Nathan would try to replant if the conditions allow, but we’ve gotten rain almost daily since the river came out….so we’re back to the waiting game.

So to www.farmnwife.com ….I guess its the “Waiting Game” around our farm. Waiting for sunshine and heat to do some replanting and much needed spraying!
Send sunshine vibes!

And checking things out….making sure it “works.”