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Kiss A Farmer Day!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Today is Ag Day!  And there's one special person who needs to be recognized....even though he'd probably kill me if he knew I was doing this:)......well, not really, someones got to take care of the kids and make supper.

It's MY farmer, Nathan!  You don't hear much out of him, unless you call him on his cell phone.  Besides my parents and grandparents, he's one of the hardest working guys I know.  Nathan's an amazing dad, business person and hubby!  The man works around the clock in busy seasons, and ALWAYS finds something to do....or fix....or organize.....he's the COMPLETE opposite of me.....and I wish I could concentrate long enough to have his drive. 

It still amazes me to this day, how a young couple with a dream, could be in a blessed place where we are today.  He's beyond humble, forgiving and has an amazing cool, controlled personality.  So in honor of Ag Day....KISS A FARMER!

Who Inspires You? Pt 2

In a sea of people, who stands out as an individual for Agriculture?

I enjoyed sharing my post yesterday, and there's so many more individuals out there doing a great job by their talents blogging abilities....so I wanted to share more in Appreciation to National Ag Week!

Aaron Putze is a wonderful Agvocate you MUST hear speak!  We met thru Iowa Farm Bureau almost 8 years ago.  He is someone who is cool, collected and FULL of ideas on how farmers can promote themselves.  Aaron has a way to engage audiences wether they are active in farming or someone living in a city.  He loves sharing childhood stories of growing up on a rural Iowa farm, and is beyond appreciative and loves agriculture....and it shows in his presentations....mind boggling numbers and the progression of agriculture is an eye opening experience for many!  Aaron has done wonderful things for the farmers of Iowa.  Aaron worked for Coalition to Support Iowa's Farmers, which is a great resource to help farmers grow their operations.  Most recently, Aaron took a position with the Iowa Soybean Association and has been promoting  Iowa Food and Family

Bruce Vincent is another fabulous guy I've had the honor of hearing speak three times.....and his story is very inspiring as well!  He's a lumberjack from Montana....coming from a family who works hard, and has a true love for their career and the forests.  His story not only can bring tears to your eyes....but his own.  Here's a video that shows Bruce speaking. Provider Pals is a great program he has began, and maybe someday I can go to the inner city and talk about farming.  He is another MUST SEE speaker!

If they're in your area, you NEED to see their presentations!

Appreciating Agriculture

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

 Not only do some of us bloggers out there love sharing what we do, we truely appreciate agriculture in different "lights" and avenues.  In a fast paced technology world we have had the awesome oppertunity to meet individuals we wouldn't probably meet in our everyday lives.....distance being the major factor.  The Web, Blogging, Facebooking and Twitter have been a great way to talk to people with the same interests, and share stories about how everyone is engaged in agriculture.

Miss Judi gave me this idea....and what a better way to show appreciation for those who inspire us?

When I grow up....I wanna be like Michele!  Ha!  For my family and friends who know me....sweating bullets and imagining the audience in their underwear was the only way I could get thru my talks to groups....its getting better:)  But Michele is a WONDERFUL Agvocate, she shares her stories, views and is a wonderful encouraging person to help farmers "Tell Their Story."  Be sure to add her blog Cause Matters to your weekly list! 

Pictures, pictures, PICTURES!  What makes a picture a photograph?  How do you strike the emotion to capture an audience?  Through my adventures with Iowa Farm Bureau, I've had the great experience in working with Joe Murphy.  When our paths cross, thats the one....well, second (besides agriculture) simularity we both have.  He's taught me a couple of tricks!  And I look forward to seeing his new pictures Joe posts to his Flickr account and on facebook.  For a metropolitin guy, he does an AMAZING JOB at capturing farmers in a way they wouldn't dream of being glamerous and so "In the Moment." 

Share the love for Agriculture!  Be sure to follow Joe and Michele....I hope to add some more friends you should be watching:)  Happy Ag Week, Everyone!