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Who Inspires You? Pt 2

Thursday, March 8, 2012

In a sea of people, who stands out as an individual for Agriculture?

I enjoyed sharing my post yesterday, and there's so many more individuals out there doing a great job by their talents blogging abilities....so I wanted to share more in Appreciation to National Ag Week!

Aaron Putze is a wonderful Agvocate you MUST hear speak!  We met thru Iowa Farm Bureau almost 8 years ago.  He is someone who is cool, collected and FULL of ideas on how farmers can promote themselves.  Aaron has a way to engage audiences wether they are active in farming or someone living in a city.  He loves sharing childhood stories of growing up on a rural Iowa farm, and is beyond appreciative and loves agriculture....and it shows in his presentations....mind boggling numbers and the progression of agriculture is an eye opening experience for many!  Aaron has done wonderful things for the farmers of Iowa.  Aaron worked for Coalition to Support Iowa's Farmers, which is a great resource to help farmers grow their operations.  Most recently, Aaron took a position with the Iowa Soybean Association and has been promoting  Iowa Food and Family

Bruce Vincent is another fabulous guy I've had the honor of hearing speak three times.....and his story is very inspiring as well!  He's a lumberjack from Montana....coming from a family who works hard, and has a true love for their career and the forests.  His story not only can bring tears to your eyes....but his own.  Here's a video that shows Bruce speaking. Provider Pals is a great program he has began, and maybe someday I can go to the inner city and talk about farming.  He is another MUST SEE speaker!

If they're in your area, you NEED to see their presentations!

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