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Dirt Bike Drama, Bullseye, and Change!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Day of SCHOOL!  Madison started 5th grade, RyLee - 3rd, Clay- 1st and Tessa-4 Day Pre K.  Go Washington Demons!
Three kids down, and one more to go!  Punch card, please? :)  Madison started at Kingdom Kids Preschool their first year when she was three....and we're sending off number four to Mrs. Miles and Mrs. Zahs!  Since their opening, we've only missed Kingdom kids two out of the past eight years.  Wow!  She thinks her classroom, "Is so cool."  Direct comment.

We just couldn't wait til September....hopefully Harvest 2012 will be a fast season that isn't a tear jerker-special thanks to the drought of this past summer.
 Yup.  Dirt Bike Drama.  As Clay put it, "She was trying to be like me and totally biffed it."  So far, its classified as 'twisted.'  Lets hope in a few days its healed!  Say a prayer, please! 
 Meet Bullseye.  A free kitty.  Who is tame and obviously not the brightest in the box.  My siblings will understand-its Tessa's 'LIVE' baby doll....that doesn't run away from her. 
Feel the love?
 No more driveway.  Let's all hope I remember all of this lovely equipment is behind the Tahoe....atleast now I have beepers.
 Farm Hand going for water.  We recyle, aren't you proud?
 And here's Farmer.  Enjoy the view-because this is probably our only momento of the guy for the next eight weeks.  And like that-he's off into the combine!
 Happy Harvesting 2012, friends!