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The One and Only.....

Monday, September 9, 2013

I had a wonderful phone call while home sick from work. It was a lady from Pennsylvania checking in, to make sure everything was going okay at the Fishback household. And yes, we're all here, busy, busy, busy. My crazy days are still going strong. I'm enjoying my Commercial Photographer position at Premier 1 Supplies just down the road. Having a great time in the Graphics department working on catalog photography in the pastures surrounded by sheep.

So amongst the softball games, dance lessons, camping, motocross, 4H, Farm Bureau.....being a mom.... Time just gets away.

No rain for WEEKS.....hot weather....waiting for harvest and fall....AND A COOL DOWN. I will share some pictures from the One and Only Iowa State Fair! We had so much fun, camping for the first time in the campgrounds and walking around the fairgrounds for 3 days.

The girls met their first star ~Tyler Farr
The girls with one of the magician performers we watched.

Madison was lucky enough to have a 4H photo of hers represent Washington County at the Iowa State Fair! She was so happy to see a big blue ribbon on her no trespassing road sign photograph.

Oh, RyLee....such a jokester ;)

Tessa found someone fun... And as colorful as her!

We were hanging out enjoying some apple cider doughnuts when we spied Ry in the
Iowa Food and Family Project commercial! Its always flattering to see your own photography flashing on the big screen.

Taking a fun time out at the lego display from Iowa Farm and Family display. Didn't win the grocery contest....maybe next year!

Trying to find our camper :)

 And on the last day, Madison joined me in the Mother Daughter Look a Like Contest. Talk about some serious twinning! We didn't win, but hope to do it again!
Summer has come to an end...but I'll keep reminiscing soon!
And THANK YOU to that wonderful person who called to give me some kind words. I've been thinking about updating, and this was the sweet kick I needed!

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  1. I was at the Iowa State Fair on Aug 14, 2013.

    Check me out at alansviews.blogspot.com